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Default Kohler 12.5 Generator Rotor

The generator is a Stamford Newage 15KW. The difference in price between the 12 and 15KW was $30 so I opted for the larger one.
This generator is brushless and has its own regulator.

Problems encountered:
1 - frame is 6 sided instead of being round so the rear vibration mounts did not fit. There was a bracket under the generator which I had modified so the vibration pads could sit on it.
2 - lifting bracket had to be modified.
3 - control box which sits on top of the generator was too tall. I moved the regulator onto one side and the output wiring block on the other side, this allowed me to cut the control box by 3 inches. It should clear the frame now.
4 - exhaust system had two mufflers in series with a piece od flex pipe. The flex pipe was worn through so exhaust was going under coach. The first muffler will not fit because of the shape of the generator so I will have to get this reshaped at a muffler shop.
5 - some wiring changes since I now have an "internal regulator".

It has been a long haul, hopefully when I go home on Tuesday, we will be able to see if it fits into the cavity without hitting anything. In addition to all of this, the area got smaller because of the 1 1/2 inch insulation I used.
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