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Just for thought....

A few year ago we traveled south in the summer...and caught a big heat wave, like 113F in S. Dakota. We have a dog and were having the same issues...needed 2 A/C's running to cool entire coach, on 30 amp service.

First, if at all possible, have shade on bus. Plan your excursions in early AM or in the early evening. Have plenty of water available for dog. This prevents your dog from being exposed while alone on bus to the worst part of the day as far as temps.

Method 1: close interior door and cool one smaller area well with one A/C.
Method 2: (I do not know if the newer coaches have the Kool-a-tron fan but your high volume fantastic fans would likely work too), keep a couple of windows open with the high powered fan running. Yes, it is hot on the bus, but with water and dog resting, there is no danger IMO of heat stroke. This will work with or without AC power to coach.

Here is why we like option 2: Just because you control your amp load, doesn't mean that your neighbor will. What if HE blows the campground circuit and your bus is without power while your away? What if there is an area power outage? A sealed up coach without ventilation is a death box.
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