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Originally Posted by DonB View Post
We use a multi-faceted approach when we leave our cat or dog or both in the coach. This applies to 50-amp as well as 30-amp service, because I don't count on a lack of power outages.

Air conditioners (one or two, depending on amps) on and set for upper 70s. Kool-O-matic set for 85. Window with Window/Maxx vent on it open. Auto-Gen start set to run at 85 degrees, or less than 12-volts on the batteries. Plenty of water available for the pets.

With all of that I'm confident that they won't cook!
Don I once had a lady tell me she put a wet towel down on the floor just in case her single AC went out. She said pets are smart enough to lay on it to cool down.
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