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Originally Posted by Randy Dupree View Post
The mid door is rare,the reason is it was not a big seller,BB built it,sold a few,but not enough to be a standard item.
Some owners love them.

same with the twins,Carol would love twin beds,if one was in the front,and one was in the back.then maybe she would not hear me snore!
The only twins I like are the Olsen twins!
I have a mid-door on the Winnebago right now. I find the space it takes up is a problem. But, on the other hand, you can walk right in and be in the kitchen - which is where most of my trips in and out start or end given how I use it (lots and lots of tailgating). So, I see the appeal. I still think I'd rather have that space.

On the twins, my wife would agree with Carol. Well...except that I'd be sleeping in a heavily insulated and sound-proofed storage bay to get my snoring further away from her! I don't think the front of the bus would be far enough away for her taste!
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