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The bays have electric heaters and webasto heat. All on their own thermostats. I believe the utility bay has an electric heating pad under the fresh water tank controlled by thermostat in the utility bay- but not certain.

The digital thermostats control two zones each, the four roof top units and the Webasto furnace. There are two electric heaters controlled by manual thermostats-one under the kitchen sink and the other in the bathroom sink. There is a manual thermostat in the water closet which controls the fan on the wabasto heater in the water closet. It allows temp control in that small area when the Webasto is on. The furnace switch on the light panel in the bathroom controls the temperature sensor location and should be used when the Webasto furnace is on. When AC or heat pump from roof top units are on, do not turn the furnace switch on. It will keep the rooftop units from properly cycling.

I would suggest that you check the 120 v AC circuits that control the roof top units,the acc air compressor and the electric heaters. The relays that control all that are behind a small panel inside the rear bedroom closet on the left side.

Caution there is !20V ac. Turn off all power including the inverters etc.

Check all the 120 AC wiring going to the studs. BB used solid wire which is OK for static home use but not for mobile use. It can vibrate loose and cause a high resistance and burning of the wires and the relays. I spliced in braided 120 AC wire To replace the burned wire etc and used lock tight to secure the connections.
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