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Well, after driving our first bus to it's new owner, we realized our new bus is noticeably slower...with the same engine and turbo. Since we have the 12R's, we are thinking the Allison may need to have the shift points adjusted for the bigger tires. Yes, the rear end has slightly different gears but it is still quite a bit slower at the light than the other bus.
Scotty, we need more power!

We also went to change the toilet out, should be a simple task, right? 3 trips to the hardware store later and it's finally in place. The copper line had to be replaced and the supply to the toilet of course was a funky RV size that took a bit of fussing with but we got it to work. He also may have solved the leaking hot water heater valve. It was slightly unscrewed from the brass elbow going into the HW tank. Tightened it up and will try it out in a few days, when I have another day off.
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