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Originally Posted by LeRoy View Post
We have good bat volts. When you turn key to run I can hear the three relays engage like normal from front to back. I have 12v going through the one below drivers window. I get 12v through the one in engine bay by the disconnect. 12v going through disconnect. I’m guessing this is the issue though and not intermittent tranny power. Going to find the starter relay to see if it has power. Keep the ideas coming. Thanks.
OK,lets narrow down the "good" voltage.
You say 12vdc going here and there.
How are you measuring that voltage?
With a known good meter?
is it 12v or is it 12,7 or 11,7?
This matters to a computer.
Do you have a load tester?
How old are the batteries?
We want to help,but we need accurate info.
Will the genny start and run?
I'm assuming the Cummins will start and run,does the voltage change with the engine running?
It should go up to 13.8 or more.
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