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Default Avalon Landing RV Park - Milton, FL

Hello everyone!

Its been a while since I've been on here. Life has been a whirlwind the last few months and its finally settling down a bit.

I posted back in August that I was moving from my long-time home in Marietta, GA down to the Pensacola area. I finally completed the first leg of that move about 3-4 weeks ago when we closed on our house and moved everything in to storage down here.

We haven't found a house yet so myself, my wife, and our 2 80+ lb dogs are living out of the Bird in the RV park mentioned in the title. Its been a great park to stay in and I highly recommend it - clean sites with laundry facilities and an overall well-maintained park.

In any case, we do have a house under contract. Its going to need some work (by the seller) so we'll likely be hanging out in the RV park until some time in January (or longer?).

I have to say that living full-time out of the Bird has been fun but cramped. I lived by myself in it (went back to Marietta on the weekends to pack) for about 2 months. Adding the wife, the dogs, all our houseplants, and all the things we need to live has filled it to the rim! Funny part is we also have our outdoor planters sitting with us at the site as well.

We talked about doing some limited full-time living sometime after retirement (which is still 15 years or so away) and this confirms we will likely do it although neither of us wants to go truly full-time - just some extended trips of no more than a couple of months.

All in all, we are happy we have made the move. Atlanta finally got to be too much for us. Pensacola seems to be fitting us very well.
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