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Originally Posted by JerryKessler View Post
Well, it has been about a month now that we have been using the solar panels and updated coach electrical system. It has been a great experience being able to boondock with ease. We are steadily learning about electrical loads of the various components in our coach. We have been parked in the very quiet and secluded tent section of Rancho Oso in Santa Barbara. No electrical hookups here and we are doing just fine.

I believe that we have some programming fine tuning to do with the electrical system to get it to work at peak efficiency but what we are getting from it so far has been fantastic. With 1680 watts of panels on the roof, they kick out a good amount of power on non sunny days and from ambient light when shaded. I have not had time to make some videos of the system but I will when I can.

I do have this one picture I took just before taking the coach in for it's annual thorough going over at the local Detroit service center. Hopefully, I will be able to take detailed pictures and video after we get to Jackson Hole, WY in two weeks.

That is amazing. This is why I've been telling my dh that we definetly need to go solar!!
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