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Default Quick and Easy Air Tank Drain Mod

When I got my Bird I went to drain the air tanks and got a face full of water. Don't think they where ever drained.


When I was under the bus chasing air leaks I installed the cable pull drains from Napa.

Here is what is needed for my mod.

The Valve Napa P/N N401047 $10.00

It includes the lanyard,

I made the Handle and found a longer 3/8" bolt.

Here is the valve installed

I removed one bolt from the plate that holds up my Cruise Air Condensors and replace it with a longer bolt and added my handle.

Now instead of crawling under the bus I just reach under from either side and give a quick pull on the lever and swooosh... no more water build up.
I feel this will let me drain the tanks on a much more regular basis. I wanted to route them to the same place, but didn't want to cross the driveline. Figure if I am doing a walk around anyway, it doesn't matter where there located.

I have one set up for the rear tank also, but have not had a chance to do it yet.

Hope this helps someone.

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