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Default I've got a leak from my rear axle / differential. How bad?

So we are currently parked in Manassas VA. Hoping to head further north towards MA in the AM. Then I noticed the leak...

Speedco in Mebane NC said our Diff fluid level was low a few days back and refilled it. 14qts low but the fluid they drained looked good with no silver. Plug looked good. Said we had a leak at our pinion seal. That it should be replaced but not an emergency.

Drove from there to where we are now in Manassas VA. Been parked here for three days. Seems like it's leaking from the curbside wheel area now. It's a very very very slight decline towards the curbside where we are parked. No noticeable leak from the pinion seal area on ground. No leak from street side dual.

What do you think?
Should I get this taken care of immediately or is it not that big of a concern?

Outside dual curbside:

Between duals looking up, oil on inside wheel curbside:


Other side of curbside inner dual:

It's a R 155 NX8 axle according to the BB plate.
Hoping to sell my 82FC33 and leave the forums...

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