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Originally Posted by Beakar View Post
I did check the voltage of each battery first when I was picking them up, they were in 12.xxV range, I did not write them down.
I checked for voltage between the different positive terminals as they are connected, I get 0.000V for reading.
The 2.3V reading I mentioned earlier was between the positive and negative terminals of each battery. The 0.002V reading I had in my previous post was at the inverter terminals.

Nice videos, wish had seen them before
Thanks on the videos.. I hope they help others and I enjoy passing any information along that I can.

If its 2.3 v across the batteries, they are totally discharged.. That would be a reason why the charger would not charge. You may have been able to fake out the charger with a 9v battery across the terminals, sometimes this works if you have a dead battery that the charger will not recognize it to charge it.
So you are manually charging them now? That should do the trick, you may just need to find out why the charger is shutting down. I have an intermittent problem with my xantrex charger just shutting off on its own. I am plugged in all the time and sometimes I will go out and the charger is off and the batteries are run down.

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