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Originally Posted by atckip View Post
I'll bet it's the cartridge in the moen facet. Pull it out and free it up might fix it but a replacement is best. HD has them for 20 bucks or call moen for a free replacement if you can wait 10 days.

Kip or others educate me please; how does the Moen Mixer Valve affect the hot water side of the kitchen sink? Is it one big loop in the plumbing. Are you guys saying the hot water side goes through the shower to the vanity, to the kitchen sink. I know when my Versa-Valve got stuck for the 20th time we yanked it out with Woody's help and we haven't had a problem since. It makes winterizing a bigger pain but at least we have hot water everywhere when we need it. Unless the water heater is off. Once I had a mixer issue but it was because the bus was not level, we had low water pressure and the mixer had a calcium build up, in that case we were getting luke warm water in the shower. We had hot water available everywhere else. When the versa-valve is sticking you will not get water at all or a low trickle on the hot side.
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