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You can tell about the boots by inspection. It is best done with the front wheels off, but can be done with them on by lifting the front end (with sufficent stands or blocks) and carefully looking with a flashlight. You will be looking for tears in the boots. My personal opinion is that all M- 380/450's will eventually need to have replacement boots, especially on the lower joints. Again, my personal feeling is that if the boots are kept intact that the joints should last for the life of the coach. The issue is how many of us will keep that close check on their condition. Also, until and unless Ryan's boot is completed/proven to be workable there has been no replacement boot available. As usual, for most of us Bill Pape's advise is probably very good (it would be nice however to know the cost).

In answer to your question about when they need replacing, there is information on the allowable wear in the Meritor manual that is available on the forum. Or you could just drive until the steering gets too sloppy.
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