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Originally Posted by Dan & Cindy View Post
I heard back from Meritor today. They confirmed that they have the ball joint assemblies made by another company and that they do not offer the boots for sale as a separate item. If we could track down the OEM, perhaps they'd sell us boots. The guy I talked to was in Troy, MI (I think). He said I'd have to talk to the Aftermarket Team at their Frankfort, KY Plant. He gave me the part numbers for the upper and lower ball joint assembly but they seem different from the one Andre has provided. It is too bad that the manual for this suspension doesn't include part numbers.

The Meritor guy (Les) I talked with today also told me that the upper ball joint assembly was set up in their system for resale but was not in stock and that the lower one has never been setup for resale. This doesn't sound too good for us M380 owners. I think Randy and Phil have the right idea.

Andre, the boot in your photo looks really different from what I see under my coach. Is it an upper or lower? My lower ball joint has a boot that is a black convoluted rubber bellows.

Can you pop the boot off your ball joint assembly and send me some OD, ID and length dimensions & more photos of the inner & outer surfaces? I'll get a 3D CAD model made so we can see about having a mold and new parts made.

Are you planning to change these out yourself or have a shop do the work? Looks like some special tools will be needed, the manual provides drawings to have them made on pages 40 to 43. They won't be inexpensive to have made so we M380 owners may want to add them to the list of setup items.

I didn't have time to check under my coach because it is in storage for the winter. As soon as I get there I will try to answer you as accurate as I can and I will post more photos and details.
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