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Originally Posted by irmagoo View Post
hi folks
my bride connie went in may 1st. for shoulder replacement...all went well got her home next day...she is being a good patient so far...i know shes jones-n to go shopping but that down the road a ways from now cause i'd have to carry her purse and pay i'm not up to that yet!!... i am posting this for those of you who have been inquiring...nothing is wrong just an up date
thanks mike n connie
Hope Connie is becoming pain free & gaining use of her arm soon.
Is this shoulder thing contagious??, Patty gets her right shoulder worked over tomorrow and then the left in 4 to 6 weeks.
We purchased a power recliner chair and a new TV.
She did not think the captains chair from the Bird would work out in our home.
Mike, let me know the duties of the assistant support House Husband.
I want to do a good job & keep Patty fed and comfortable for a quick recovery
Bill & Patty
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