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Originally Posted by horacio View Post
I purchased Jim Baber's red and white FC. Mechanically everything is pretty sound but like most it needed some updates. Between a few weekends and the odd nights after work I got a few things done. Still need to tackle a few repairs, like the airstep that seems to leak through the valve that pushes out the cylinder. I took apart the adjustable needle(my descpription) on the forward side, adjusted it where it wouldnt leak but then it wouldn't push out the step, maybe someone can chime in here with that.

As for repairs, little things like AC Shrouds replaced, all the blinds replaced with new and modern textiles, a few loose screws and fasteners and a good cleaning. Pictures attached are of the updates.

Bathroom had the old vinyl replaced, found a small 3x5 soft spot that was replaced, the lower kick piece where the heater and access door are was also a little soft so I built a new panel. The shower bar, the acrylic one was cracked so I found a chrome bar at Ikea that lined right up perfectly. The shower hose and head were replaced, found a neat little head that can be held with your palm, and fits nicely tucked up in the factory holders. New toilet with a porcelin bowl, and did away with the spray hose, the toilet is more like a home unit, not with only one water outlet.

The headlight trim pieces had been painted black, stripped them and polished. The lower marker/turn lights were cracked and not hooked up, replaced them with Dual LED's finished off with a heavy polished trim pieces, I had the trim pieces and worked off of them.

The biggest task was the dash. The factory dash was missing/lost/replaced somewhere along the way. In its place was all the gauges and toggles in one large plywood sheet, I didnt like it even though it was functional, somewhat. The most time consuming was the tracing and diagnosing of the wiring. Someone had gotten in there previous and even though most went back to the original wiring, alot had been cut and spliced for some reason, using the cheap butt crimp connectors. Cleaned everything up, proper connectors, heat shrinked and cleaned up some unnecassary loose ends. I built a new dash, wraped it in a good quality material, manufactured some ducting for the defrost vents. The dash panels are now three, the main dash with the gauges are alone in one panel above the new steering wheel. The lower panel houses the headlights, wipers, fan controls, air dump, etc. Basically all the stuff you need to get to while driving. Replaced some of the toggles to ones that illuminate to eliminate the dummy lights. The large center panel houses the new generator panel and gauges as well as the all the switches that are basically for the house functions. The aluminum panels I made myself from 1/8 sheet, the oval gauge one was purchased off of ebay. I still want to place a rear monitor in the large panel just to the right of the driver station and possibly a few other things that may fit. The last pictureis what the dash used to look like.

Thanks for looking
Great looking work Horacio! When Jim was looking to buy his old coach back and for a while afterward he would call me and ask details on what was where. Apparently a previous owner had removed the dash for whatever reason. I enjoyed the calls from Jim and appreciated his excitement in getting his old coach going again. After Jim had sold his FC and bought an SP, he would often tell me how much he wanted the FC back. There was nothing wrong with the SP, he just loved his old FC. I tell you all of this in the context of Jim would be real proud of what you have done here. It really looks great and thats some really nice craftsmanship! I can't wait to see it in person. Hopefully you can let all of us see it in October at the rally? Keep on posting upgrades, us older bird owners love to see what can be done to keep them going and up to date....

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