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Default WOG 2014 Insurance Appraisals

Since we had attended both WOG and Quartzsite last year we were going to skip WOG this year but we are getting more requests for me to be at the 2014 WOG Rally for Insurance Appraisals. I was intending on putting WOG & Quartzsite on rotation for better coverage and we may have to do this in the future. If anyone wants an appraisal at WOG I will need a list of individuals wanting an appraisal. So please forward me your name, coach, cell phone number, RV site# and your dates at WOG to Please put WOG Appraisal in the subject line so it won’t get trashed. If you have not had an appraisal since 2010 you may want to consider an update. You’re welcome to give me a call if you have any questions, my number is at my signature block.
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