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Originally Posted by Mike Hohnstein View Post
Maiden voyage by Dupree last spring, ran OK but CAC too small so got a larger one built and it's installed, taken a couple check out runs so far, gets right up to 80+ but still a bit hot on the EGT. Bus has been sitting last 6mos unattended due to the fact we were sequestered in Idaho due to weather caused delays affecting the new building project. In WI now, modifying the grille to fit over the new CAC, I think/hope it's all good for now.
Plan on doing a repower on the 31 FC starting in June, another saga.
80+ at how many rpm and how fast is + ?

What did it take to do that ?

What would it take to do that to a 87fc-35 and how much would you put the cost at ?
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