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Default Lighted Door Grab Handle - replacement for M380

Started on what I thought was a straightforward hunt and then what seemed momentarily like a wild goose chase for a replacement illuminated grab handle for the front door. Mine has aluminum flange mounts that were chromed, so some pitting and flaking and corrosion going on.

Initially I was led to Fleming Sales and then they turned me on to who makes a competitive handle, but a matching one.

ITC also was incredibly nice and told me they re-released the product with stainless steel mounting flanges to address the problem I'd experienced.

They tell me the product is 86430. And was about $120 shipped.

Given my flanges look ****** and the acrylic handle is stress cracked a bit, I figured I'd just buy the right thing. Hopefully, the base footprint for the flange is proper. They assured me it is.

They won't engrave with Bluebird unless you buy 24 units or more. I can live without that

Hope this helps someone else.

Doug W.
Encinitas CA
2004 M380
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