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Default George Morris needs help.

Hey guys,George Morris's daughter just contacted me and her email is below.

Hey Randy this is Paula, George Morris' daughter. I don't know if you have heard but George has cancer. They need to operate to remove a tumor in his neck because it is effecting his breathing. It is very serious and will need to be removed asap. I was hoping you could post on the forum that he needs prayers for healing. Thank you,
Paula Vaden

This is bad news,for those of you that don't know George hes an ex wanderlodge employee and he runs a business out of his home working on Birds and other brands in the Perry Ga area.
Hes good,and a very nice man.

If you guys can help by praying for George,it will be much appreciated.

Get well soon George,your friends at WOG need you!!
email me at only.

Randy Dupree
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