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Originally Posted by Clembo View Post
Hutchinson auto electric in Riverview about an hour north of you can rebuild your DN50 like new. They are on 41 a mile south of 60. They did a great job on mine 4 years ago. Still running strong. About $500 if I remember correctly. You got to spend that money wisely with these things or they cost you two fortunes.
Good luck
Clem, thanks! Its a Leece Neville A0014871JB air cooled unit. I told the dealer to give me the core (I got to pay the core charge). My intention now is to get the bad one rebuilt and carry it as a spare so I can recover some of the cost later on. I am not bad at car alts so from the looks of it I may just try it on my own. I found part suppliers online so I can get voltage regs and diodes etc.
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