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Default Fixed - Not a bad rebuild

I thought I would give you the rest of the story as Paul Harvey would say.

The heat exchanger does have to come off to get to the top of the CAV injection pump on a Perkins. But it actually came off pretty easy. It is still a bit tight in there, but if you remove the fuel lines you can get the top of the injection pump apart. The rebuild itself is straight forward and only took about 30 minutes. Four o-rings, a base gasket, and new gaskets on the top nuts. The hardest part is getting the new o-rings into place. Then all back together and the fuel lines reconnected. I crossed one of the fuel lines and had to run a die over it to clean up the threads, but once that was done everything went back together. Once back together my leak stopped and we are back on the road.

One thing to note - I had read on another post that the return line can get blocked and cause the injection pump to leak. So before I rebuilt the top of the pump I blew out the return line to be sure it was clear.
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