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I took the bird out for a short run yesterday with the temps in the lower 60s. The turbo exhaust temp would climb to 85-95 when I was climbing some hills, with the transmission left in mode. I was told at the end of last year when the radiator was fixed that the cac had some leaks but I was not able to get it fixed at that time. Should I be worried about the temp climbing to high?
Hi Jabrams,

Your WB and my LXi have EGT probes that are located in the s-pipe after the turbo. 900 degF is normal for hard pulls. I'd be concerned if it went much above that. I recently installed a new Dura-Lite CAC - my old CAC was badly cracked. I pressure tested it and couldn't get it to hold even 1 PSI. My EGT's would climb to 1200+ deg if I let them, which I never did. I lived with it for a while, backing off the power on climbs to keep the EGT's below 950. Now it's WOT on the worst of hills and I haven't seen above 900 deg F. Have your CAC pressure tested. Detroit Diesel specs are that it should hold 25 PSI for 15 s. If it doesn't, have it fixed. The CAC is crucial to proper engine performance.
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