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Originally Posted by jabrams View Post
I took the bird out for a short run yesterday with the temps in the lower 60s. The turbo exhaust temp would climb to 85-95 when I was climbing some hills, with the transmission left in mode. I was told at the end of last year when the radiator was fixed that the cac had some leaks but I was not able to get it fixed at that time. Should I be worried about the temp climbing to high?
FWIW, my CAC apparently was OK... and I never saw EGT above 800 or so, even on the steepest grades in the hottest weather. (Oil temp would eventually hit about 230 and I'd pull over for a cool down if it ever went above that...)

The standard advice is "never let EGT get above 1250 ... but my comfort level would probably suggest 900 as a reasonable maximum.

In normal operation, my EGT tended to run in the 500-600 range.

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