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In Asheville we tried 2 big bottles of bar's leak sealant because we had nothing to lose really at that point.
It worked beautifully to seal the leak and we had no more bubbles in the rad and no more white smoke out the exhaust.
We then managed to drive off but our oil pressure was low, as the oil was contaminated with water.
We found a shop that flushed it with one gallon of sea foam and fresh oil, let it run 15 min and drain. Add new filters again and new oil and oil pressure was back to normal. Running temp was normal and engine ran good.
So we drove it a little, and a little more.
Knowing well that all of this was temporary.
Anyways, fast forward to last night, running good, got stucked in traffic rad starting to act up, it over heated a bit before I could pull over out of a ramp in bumper to bumper traffic.
This likely killed the seal the product had created or made it worse.
So now we have to fix that filler cap leak that was repaired in April and go from there...
That product and an oil change still got us back in the road for 600 miles. Cheaper than getting it towed that far for sure.
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