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Default Slinky Dump Hose Storage Project - Final Result

Finished the Slinky Storage project. Removed the single basket and added a couple things: Bought another basket (only $2.25 at the IKEA store) and made a cage to hold the hose. Flipped the top one and riveted them together at the corners. Then cut an opening in front that lines up with the small compartment access door. Important - Used a hand grinder (not the hand file shown in the pics below ) to smooth the cut wire barbs so my hose isn’t “pricked” when putting it away or taking it out. Touched up the basket with white spray paint. Then put the basket back in. Should note that the left front radiator/cooler bracket needed to be notched with a jig saw to hold the basket frame. Bent the cutout metal back and then tapped it into place once the basket was in place. This holds the frame more securely. Use care to make sure that basket cage is not positioned too close to the front main compartment door. The joint between the two baskets or “lip”, should just sit on the right door bracket. And the cut out on the left side should be made such that the basket is level with the bracket support on the right side. With the two bolts at the back and two zip ties at the front, the basket cage isn’t going anywhere. A plastic storage bin can then be placed on top of the basket cage. Not sure how much wind the compartment receives, so might need to do something so the plastic bin doesn’t slide around? Perhaps a rubber place mat or maybe something to wedge it in place? Not planning to put heavy stuff in the bin so no need to put a solid surface on top of the cage... The basket cage could easily hold two and maybe three 10’ lengths of slinky hose, with an attached 90° elbow.

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