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Originally Posted by GreenBird View Post
No guts / no glory - outstanding workmanship - real craftsman! Cables on the disconnect look a little smallish (?)
Actually the cabling is oversized for the most part. For instance the #4 red wire in the picture is the feed for the electronics switch. The rest of the coach is fed with a 150 amp fused 1/0 cable with 2/0 cable being used throughout the battery compartment up to the Perko switch. I do appreciate your imput too!!

My maximum house full load DC draw is 72 amps. That draw is with absolutely everything DC turned on, heater fans, attic fans, roof vent fans, lights, camera, action. This equates to 972 watts at 13.5 volts.

I am not running an inverter because I just can't seem to find a need for one (even though I have one sitting on the shelf, thanks Ed W.!) If I do wire in an inverter, It will have its own independant feed from the batteries.

My start batteries and generator battery is now completely independant from the house batteries too.

Thanks again!

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