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David, I think you'd have to find out what all is included in the price. Call, make an offer, ask if they can install it. Anybody that has done what you've done should jump on this and negotiate, negotiate negotiate. What the H**L they have three interiors their trying to get rid on, that's unheard of, they will sell for less and maybe, just maybe make you a deal on installation.

"There are three sets of complete cabinetry interiors that were manufactured by a Prevost Convertor of new coaches. These interiors can be fitted into any new Prevost shell or a rebuild. Also, they could be used in other bus conversions. Cost to manufacturer each set was $45,000.00. Make offer per set. One set is a dark wood. The other two sets are light wood. Interiors can be palletized and shipped. Call DJ @ 573-795-2222 "
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