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Originally Posted by Debbie.Grey View Post

Ai-ee, this is the best pointer from an hour of poking the search function.

So Festina Lente is at the shop our emergency mechanic recommended. The generator starts ["a wire was loose"] and runs, but does not charge the batteries. I.e., we're still looking for the inverters.... HELP?

Item [viz. rebuilding the motor], he says the Perkins has a Lucas injector pump. The pressure switch that screws into the injector pump - right between the supply lines - is leaking. He's up in there with a mirror and cannot read the part# - can anyone help with that datum? [Meanwhile I've pulled two Perkins parts lists from the Files area and am emailing those to him.]

I'm very amused by everyone's opinions of Kohler, and leaning toward embracing Shane's recommendation of a Stamford/Newage once we sort out the Perkins side.
Our's is the Stamford/Newage. No issues in 7 years.
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