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Originally Posted by Jaftica View Post
I was having trouble with one of the legs of the HWH leveler system coming down and setting up right and also wanted the ice maker for the refrigerator/freezer connected. First I ordered the ice maker connection kit for the refrigerator from Camping World in St Augustine, checked back a week later after hearing nothing only to find out that the service dept never bothered to order it at all. Made an appt to get the levelers serviced and the ice maker connected. I had looked up the HWH site and seen that Camping World was an authorized service provider for HWH. Waited two weeks and took it in for the work. I was told that there was no camping area for parking in while waiting on work and that I could not park overnight in their parking lot. While waiting in the waiting area, I talked with several people that were there waiting and it seems that they had all been there several days waiting on nothing to get finished on things that should have taken a day or less. No one was happy with the service and several just left in disgust as nothing seemed to get done at all for days at a time.
I went back into the service area to check on my bus and found that the guy assigned to it was not only new but was a specialist in air conditioning. He knew nothing about anything else. He said that he had not found any manuals on the levelers there so I also tried to get the owners manual etc for the Leveling system out for him and was chased out by the service manager. I sneaked back in there several times to check on things and see what else he needed to see or know. This was severely frowned on also but i never say anyone else actually working on anything when i went back to the service area. I also found out that on one there had any experience with the HWH levelers at all. The guy pulled out the refrigerator to connect the ice maker and in the process broke the door handle on the refrigerator, which they still have not replaced after over 4 months.
They finally gave up on the leveler system and merely returned the bus to me stating that it was broken and would not work. I had put the levelers down prior to arriving there and they went down and back up fine. They will not admit to breaking the system which now required a new hydraulic pump and some kind of actuator.
One day while they claimed they were busy working on itI and a friend were walking around looking at the campers etc and spotted my bus at the far end of the lot sitting there with someone in the drivers seat. I went to it and discovered someone actually sitting in the drivers seat drinking a milkshake and claiming that they were charging it as the batteries were supposedly dead. I had seen them start the bus and drive it to the service area, so they should have merely plugged it in or connected a charger to the batteries and continued working but they did nothing but park it somewhere and left it running for who knows how long before i found it.
I did find out that there was a camping area but they were only using it to let people that had just bought new campers to offload from their old ones to the new ones. After making my feelings well known around Camping world I was allowed to park in that area overnight. I have also posted complaints on the Camping World national site and have yet to be contacted by anyone other than the service manager who tells a different story each time I talk to him but never has obtained the door handle for me.
For these reasons I DO NOT recommend Camping World service to anyone and have seen many similar complaints on their national site for similar problems.
Jim, your preaching to the choir. If you read posts and threads regularly, you would have known that nobody recommends Camping World for any kind of repairs. They may be ok to buy a few things from when necessary, but without question the last place you want to take your coach to for work. Sorry you found out the hard way.

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