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Red face A Friend to the End

Originally Posted by Turbokitty View Post
Tommy, this is just a broad statement on my part and not pointed at anyone in particular...

John mellowed over the last few/several years. We had many conversations about people, places and things and in all fairness, he really had pretty thick skin as in he didn't let his outward, fatherly "crust" dictate who he was on the inside. I would tell my church congregation every now and then that "I loved everyone of them but some of ya'll I wouldn't want to go on vacation with, nor you with me" I believe we all fit into that mindset from time to time? Geeze, I have a hard time traveling with myself

Years ago I read that the true definition of a friend is this: "Someone who likes you in spite of yourself", har! I think what you are trying to say is how amazing friendship is even including the crust Blessings
John was truly my friend. One evening he commented about my headlight lenses were dirty. Next thing I know he had a tube of tooth paste and a rag and he polished both lenses. Just to relate some of conversation episodes which could be somewhat interesting at best and if he suggested I was a “crusty and cranky old soul” I took it as a compliment. I did cherish John and certainly I will miss our conversations which could be better described as “a debate” kinda like two old men (coots really) sitting on a bench outside a rural courthouse.
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