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Default RIP

John was an inspiration to us all. With all his health problems he was a walking miracle, yet he was always on the move in his FC, pulling a trailer and traveling alone. And he had plenty of problems with the bus over the years, but none was too big for him to find a solution and move on. And share those solutions with others. We were traveling with several other members with John from WOG to Randy’s, John in the lead. We agreed on the CB to pull in to a restaurant John was familiar with. John up front, light where we are to turn left is Red, no traffic John turns. We get through the light and park out back and enter the place. John says he has to do a little work on his rig when we finish eating. Turns out the spring brakes began to engaged from low pressure before we got to the light and John had the good sense to just keep moving to get parked. From unbelievable radiator problems to tire fire, just another day to John.
The first time I saw John was at the gate to the WOG rally in 2011. I pull in off of 27, not knowing which way I will turn, pulling up too close to make a right before the greaters signal Right. I am stuck to back up, and I see John pull in behind me, trailer hanging out in 27. He just swung around me and went left. The gate gang think he is running gate and give chase. I figured I was in trouble with John, but he just laughed about it.
RIP John, your stories will live on.
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