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Originally Posted by Tim View Post
Here are a few new pics of the 77 FC, Reworked the utility compartment, engineered a new 12 volt water tank fill, this coach originally had a hose connection to fill the tank, relocated the cord recept. to accommodate the new water heater, rear chassis heater was gone so I used heat ducts to relocate the heat output from the rear furnace to the bottom of the nightstand, gave room for drawers under the bed base, pulled the summer/winter cables center wire out and lubed the complete cables, work like new now. Split and recovered the front over dash, to make easy access to the 12 breaker panel, all new led lighting too, reworked the interior refrigerator compartment, to seal off from CO and outside air. Changed out original battery charger to a modern convertor and moved it inside the coach and installed an additional 12 volt fuse panel under kitchen sink, coach is takin shape. and I don't know how to turn the pics, I work on RVs not computers
You don't have to be computer expert, to try this suggestion from Dave Stokes. Thanks Dave.

"When taking pics for WOG with an iPhone make sure the phone is held horizontal. Home button on the right and volume buttons down. Pics will be oriented correctly for WOG."

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