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Mine is the same as Brads.

Slide the gen out and start it up. Lay on the ground and watch underneath and see if drip increases.

Next, turn off Gen and start Cummins and see if drip increases. If so, as Chuck mentioned it is likely your front heater core or hoses, or even just a loose clamp.

Also, at rear of Cummins engine, look all aorund your water pump under the serpantine belt. I was loosing coolant from the water pump and replaced it.

Originally Posted by bwinter1946 View Post
Lee I may be wrong but I think you have two separate issues here.

On my 97 the coolant reservoir in the back is for the Cummins 8.3 only. It has nothing to do with the generator.

The coolant reservoir for my generator is up front on the generator. You have to slide the generator out to get to it. Again on mine, the generator coolant hoses do not stretch/move with the genny slide. The engine is mounted to the slide as is the radiator. They move together. The radiator is mounted on the "back" of the slide.

Not sure this helps and I can take a closer look at mine if you want.

I "suspect" the hoses are Power Tech hoses but I have not noticed or looked at them that hard. I also "suspect" you could find replacements at Napa as they appear to be standard water/coolant hoses.
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