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Default experience with '06 450 LXI part 2

House and Chassis Systems
1. 1. Some systems that use 120 v ac get there power thru relays and multiplex control circuits located behind the curb side wall in the rear bedroom closet.(behind the dinette leaf). There are relays and connections that use solid wire for 120 v ac. OK for home use but not for mobile use. It should be stranded wire so that the connections do not loosen and create heat sources which can lead to burn out. All the roof top AC systems, the electric heaters, the 120 ac accessory air compressor, etc get power there and inspection has shown charring and relay burn out.
2. 2. The service air brakes come on when the brake peddle is pushed. It takes considerable travel of the peddle to engage the brakes. The valve stem that the brake peddle operates should be replaced. Ours needed to be 125 mils longer for the brakes to respond quickly when pressed. That increase is a country mile to a brake technician!
3. 3. We found air leaks in the brake system dump valves and had all dump valves replaced with automatic dump valves. Also had the two front air springs replaced because they were leaking.
4. 4. The accessory air system has two compressors, one 120 v ac and the other 12v dc. The acc air system is prone to corrosion and is difficult to service with some components buried behind foam insulation. We replaced a lot of the components and valves. This system supplies air for the toilet, horn, slide locks and entry door lock. I no longer use those compressors except when on board the coach.
5. 5. The bay door locks operate with a key or by the automatic system thru the security system or the dash switch. The auto system uses small motors and gearing which are to operate for 1 sec only on either open or close. The security system (Black Widow) has several modes at least one of which is for closing windows which has the motors run for 30 sec. If that mode inadvertently becomes active all the bay locking motors will burn out in the locked position because they can turn for only 1 sec before hitting their stops. We had that happen twice and now only use the key for the bay locks after having to remove all burned out motors so the locks would work manually.
6. 6. The Quadra jack stabilizers operate on 12 v dc and were fused at 120 amps by Bluebird. Quadra said that the 120 amp fuse should be replaced with a 120 amp auto resetting circuit breaker.(the system often uses a lot of 12 v power) They also said to check on the ‘up’ limit switches on the top of each jack to be sure no rocks or road debris might interfere with their operation.
7. 7. The big Vanner invertors generate a lot of heat and need adequate air cooling which is marginal on the 450 LXI. I do not recommend using the inverters to power the two roof top ACs when driving. Use the generator instead. Early on all three of our invertors had to be replaced. There is a significant battery drain when the invertors are on and not much is running. So for overnight parking and not plugged in, I turn off the two big invertors and leave the small one on for the refrigerator. If ‘no plug in power’ parking is to be a day or more, you may want to turn off the main manual battery switches in the battery bay.
8. 8. The Multiplex system is a collection of computer driven components with connections, grounds and touch pads. Any of these can fail or lose communications (red LED shows on unit) thru faulty connections. Some times rebooting the entire system will help in solving electronic or instrument problems. Rebooting is done by stopping all dc power via the manual battery switches for up to a minute.
9. 9. The fresh water tank developed a leak which was in the remains of the 2” drain valve that was eliminated during the ‘recall’. It appears the recall techs used red engine gasket compound to seal the valve. The fix leaked, water froze and cracked the valve body. It was fixed with plenty of PVC cement and a PVC cap.
10. 10. The fuel tanks are steel and have a capacity of 100 gals each. They are connected at the bottom between the two tanks via a clamped hose and nipples on each tank. Above this connection the side walls of each tank extend toward each other forming an inverted step on the bottom of the tank. The fuel lines , fuel returns, the fuel tank sending unit and the breathers go in the top of the tanks. Our coach developed a fuel leak in the driver’s side tank (rate about 1 gal/hr). The leak was caused by a crack just above the seam weld that formed the side of the tank above the step. The tank was removed and repaired by welding and put back in service. It failed again just above the previous repair after about 18 months. It was repaired again with a lot more care and attention given to the weld and heat treatment. Two years later the curb side tank failed at a similar place and was repaired by careful welding and heat treatment. No problems so far! I am careful not to over fill the tanks and leave at least 10% air space in the tanks. A warning label on the tanks says to fill no more than 95%.
11. 11. The gear ratio for the rear end originally was 4.89 and was replaced with a gear ratio of 4.33. The appropriate computer systems were re programmed so the odometer and speedometer would read correctly. The engine monitor was reset. The average fuel economy went from 6.2 mpg to 7.3 mpg as measured by the engine monitor. The Jake Brake comes on in 4th gear at 66 mph instead of 59 mph. Cruising rpm at 70 mph went from 1700 rpm to 1450 rpm. Hill climbing at 6% grade was same or better due to transmission shift points. Acceleration from a stop was slightly slower until the turbos kick in.
12. 12. The shock absorbers (all eight) and two front air bags were replaced and the front end was re aligned which took over four hours to get it correct.
13. 13. with maps and logic up dated to 2012. The horizontal blinds that cover the salon slide mechanism were replaced with house hold vertical blinds made to the correct measurements and installed side ways. The massage systems for both co- pilot and pilot chairs were either re-wired or replaced. The OEM backup camera display may revert to a default standard image not the reverse image after a reboot of the entire coach. There is no option in the menu to reverse it. I found that if I turned the house 12v master off/on several times with different delays (the switch is on the panel by the entrance door), I was able to get the reverse image back several times. I still do not know if it is the display or the camera that does the reversing or the correct procedure to do it! The mattress was replaced. The TV’s will be replaced. Sathco makes the drawer latches in blue (3 lbs 13N), silver (5 lbs 22N) or black (10 lbs 44N) pull weights. Some of our drawers would open while travelling and needed stronger latches.
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