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Originally Posted by wandermore View Post
Interesting, but I don't totally get it. What is so hard about solar? It seems to me the only thing he really provides is a little knowledge, a safety harness, and some extra parts that can easily be obtained from amazon through a few hours of planning or discovery. It is too unclear to me what this guy is charging and what he provides other than hand holding and motivation to take the plunge.

I think the best way to do solar is to start small with a couple panels and the right charge controller, then add more as you go to see how much power fits your needs. This also gives you the opportunity to discover how willing you are to render other rooftop maintenance a serious headache like cleaning the coils on your AC units, clearing leaves, washing the paint, tightening screws, checking your spare tire, etc.
Apparently you haven't lived in Arizona with the 115 degree "dry" heat?
Also much better to design, plan, and purchase the right stuff up front rather than having to purchase everything again because the system you purchased won't expand.
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