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Originally Posted by davidmbrady View Post
Well, best of luck, and low ball 'em, you never know!

David Brady
'02 LXi, NC
I don't think they'll trade me even up on a 90 Winnebago. Of course, if they will, then I'm all over that one. Heck, I even bought the Winnebago from them back in 2001. I really can't make a move until that property I have sells. It would put me WAAAAAY out of my comfort zone financially and with the economy going in the dumper, its not a good time (not that there ever is) to take chances. For that matter, with my change in employment in the past year, I am already past the comfort zone as is.

Jonathan Leifheit
2001 Bluebird Wanderlodge LX ME
Marietta, GA
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