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On the Onan there are five switches and /or breakers.
The top two black switches are start and glow plugs.
The next two are Red On/Off switches , but they act as circuit breakers.
The plastic red rocker button is missing from many Onans of this vintage, If this is the case use a plastic or wood thin dowel to reset the breaker. The bottom circular circuit breaker will pop out , just push it in to reset. Attached is a picture.

If it runs the fans should be blowing lots of air. If no fan there are more issues.

The two green boxes on top of the gennerator are the AC and DC control boxes. On the rear of the box is the plug-in wiring harness. This is a know trouble spot.
Reach around the back side & feel for it. It can not be seen from the front. Release the plug, clean, & spray with electronic contact cleaner and reinstall.
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