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Default looking for LXI or LX have some questions

When I initially posted we were looking for a BB Wb but have changed our mind after seeing a LXI and LX. We need this plan because of a need for a washer & dryer (not combo) and a full size refrigerator. We also need a slide if possible due to spending long periods of time in the coach.

We have found a coach (no slide) it is a 2000 but has never had tires changed (only been driven intermittent-definitely needs new tires in our opinion) also the current appliances have not been used. According to the current (only owner) he never used the appliances he never used the fridge, stove (propane) or washer/dryer combo. They definitely don't look used at all. He seems to think they need updated even though they have never been used.

What is your experience in these items actually working and since he is listing and selling them as working what is a fair price to take off for needing appliances. Im sure we can turn on the items in the bay and check the fridge, washer/dryer combo ( I suppose if there is water on board) we can check the power but if the fridge is LP and stove is there anyway to check these ? Im pretty sure he doesn't have propane on board.

Another issue is when we test drove it down the interstate the air bags never filled like the others we drove. The ride was extremely bumpy and bouncing us all over the sofa it was unlike riding in the others that we have ridden in. Is this a serious issue do you think? Is it because of the 14 yr old tires, no air ride suspension? Is there a time that the air bags may not fill once but fill after that?

I don't want to purchase a BB of this cost and then have a $21,000.00 repair ticket like we have talked to so many owners already.

I appreciate any input that you might have. We want to pay a fair price for the owner as well as need a coach that is ready to roll. We have a daughter with special needs that we travel for and don't have time for a lot of shop time. We are spending 4-8 months in hotels and really dislike it.
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