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We may still be confused, 50 amps X 240 volts = 12,000 watts, at a 4 prong pedestal, using the 30 amp adapter is 30 amps X 110 volts = 3300 watts. Big difference.
all 30 amp pedestal plugs are three prongs and 110Volts.
On the older Birds, we also have two 30 amp receptacles. This can lead to two 110 volt plugs, one on each leg, this means 2 X 30 amp X 110 Volts = 6600 watts.
Those of us with the 8.0K Onan sometimes get into trouble during cold weather, when we need a block heater (1500W), hot water ( 1200W) , coffee (600W), and there is a possibility of using up to four electric heaters (1200W each), So 8,000 Watts divided by the 110 volts ( all appliances are 110V ) is only about 72 amps or 8,000 Watts available.

This is when the Volt meters and Amp gages are really important to monitor.

And Yes our Onan was protected at a double 50 amp breaker from BlueBird.
This was changed to a double 40 amp breaker. somewhat of a better match, but a 35 amp breaker would be a better match. This is a special order item.
It is very easy to ask the 8.0K Onan for more power than it can deliver,
Oh, I forgot the battery charger and Patty (the power Hog). Hopeing she does not read this
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