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Thank you for the reference, Kip.

I am not able to pull any codes. I followed the instructions for pressing the buttons, and even did so with the aforementioned technician on the phone, but it would not pull any codes. It keeps displaying the slashes.

My coach won't start from either the front or the back. Is the ECU the grey box that is attached to the black keypad?

Is there any way to bypass the ECU so that I can get the coach home? If not, it appears I will need to order a new keypad/ECU in order to get back on the road.

Unfortunately, all the Allison shops are closed due to the holiday (or they opted to not return calls). So in the interim, I'll try to clean a few connectors, otherwise, it appears that I'll be hanging out in Northern California a little longer than I anticipated.

Thanks for the link!
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