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Originally Posted by Clembo View Post
A little trick I did on my slab is leave the front form out about 10 feet right in the canter and have the truck back all the way to the back of your slab. Then pull forward a little and start pouring. It will give you a few more inches of slab under your bus wheels and I can guarantee you the dirt will be compacted where it counts. When he gets past the end of your slab, slap the form board back in and finish the pour.
Thanks Clem,

My concrete guy has an engineer in his pocket and so far I like what he is doing. I'm not up to pouring this big of a slab. It's the garage slab, the driveway slab and the culvert slab. I had another engineer who was telling me like a 20 inch thick slab and that is when I found this guy. 6 inch with footers, 5000 psi concrete. lots of rebar and lots of rebar under the wheel tracks and under the jacks. They are digging down about a foot and compacting gravel . I know a few WOG folks told me to do that and here we are. Waiting on the dump truck now. Then once all that is done, I can get the steel building folks in later this month or early next. I maxed out their size so I have a 45 by 18 garage 16 feet high. The garage door is about 12 wide by 14 high. The concrete crew is going to start in earnest next week.
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