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Originally Posted by Captain Fred View Post
Ok, had the weekend off so had enough time to really look at some things.
1. Water sys.
Filled tank, turned on pump, bled sys, turned on cb for water htr, hour later no Hot Water. Solution, operator error, switch on side of bed not on.
2. Water smells terrible.
Will try a sanitizer to purify sys.
3. 8 kw Onan
Will start right up and quit. If momentary energize fuel pump/ shut down solenoid engine after starting will then stay running after disconnect jumper wire, no problems.
Tried eliminating overheat and oil pressure shut down switches, no change.
There are 2 rocker switches in the panel on the genset labeled DC control and DC charging.
DC control has been eliminated, no wires connected, tested switch, shorted to on position.
DC charging will cause starter to engage only if engine is already running otherwise does nothing. Engine will then not shut down even if fuel pump and shut down solenoid are disconnected electrically.
Disconnecting wires from start switch @ solenoid will kill engine
I cant find a question in there. Is there one?
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