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Default Superior Diesel (Perkins Parts & Injector Pump Rebuild) Charleston, SC

Hello All,
I just got my IP back from Superior Diesel, which I had to send back after they rebuilt it last year... I had installed it last year after they returned it to me and I put it on the Perkins and ran it at Maxton, no problems ran fine... At the last day it started leaking again, as this was the reason that I took it off and sent it to them to rebuild...
When I got home I took it off and sent it back to them and told them it did the same thing, leaking from the cover on top... The supervisor was on medical leave abd I spoke to another person in his place... He said to send it in, which I did... When it was ready David, the supervisor said that there would be a $220 charge as he said that there was nothing wrong with it and the Mgr. said I should be charged the shop fee... Well I called and spoke to David, as I could not talk to him originally when he called that it was ready to ship, I told him that I was under the impression that I was returning it under warrantee , as per his replacement had said...
Alls well that ends well, David said that if I would pay the shipping charge there would be no charge... They are a good shop and I would definitely do business with them again...
I put the pump on this weekend and ran it for twenty hours and no leaking...
Also, David said that the reason the Mgr wanted to charge me is that I had a return line blockage, this is why the pump leaked again...
Before I installed the pump I ran the CAT to get the air up and blew out the line, and from what I heard when I did blow the line out, it sounded like there was an obstruction...

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