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Originally Posted by isp2952 View Post
Hope you have a safe and enjoyable trip. I have a couple of suggestions for you if you haven't already made reservations and are heading to these areas. Asheville, NC has a campground called Campfire Lodgings. If you are in the area this is a must do. Michele and I got one of the premium sites (#4) and it was spectacular, is all I can say. Here is a link to my previous post with pics on this.

Then if you are in Charleston, the James Island County Park is super! Nice place, with some pull-thrus, I pulled my 24' trailer in there with the coach and didn't have a problem. The staff there are the nicest you will meet. It is close to town and all the sights. Then top it off with a leash free dog park by a lake or pond. The dogs will go nuts running loose, ours did, anyway. Here is the link to that
Thank you Jim for your well wishes.

James Island is where we are planning on staying! We heard it's a huge park, with trails and that the dogs would love it. This trip is their vacation too! I don't know how they've put up with us.

The Campfire Park in Ashville I didn't know about, so we will probaby try to stay one night at 4 Paws Kingdom and will try that, if we can get in. Thanks for the reccomendation.

I was thinking our next stop might be Natural Arch Falls, at least I think the name was something like that. I have it on my google map places. They have a Conservation Camp there, no services but it's supposed to be beautiful, peaceful and quiet. I'm going to give them a call to see if they can fit in a big rig and how the roads are getting in. There are a couple more family style campgrounds there as well, Jelly Stone with water slides etc but didn't appeal to me as much as our kids are not with us and grownups now.

Then I think we will then head toward Lancaster and stay on a campground by an Amish farm out in the country near Paradise or Intercourse.

Don't tell anyone but that's Dee's nickname for me, Amish.

Once again, thank you for taking the time to write and advise. We appreciate any reccomendations anyone might have.

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