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Love the square groupers.
Your stories reminded me of when I moved as a kid, 15 years old from Toronto, Canada to South Texas in 1971.
I had been a city kid taking the subway to school in a city of a couple million when we moved to South Padre Island population 77. This was before it became developed, mostly weathered beach cottages and nothing then was over 2 stories.
We used to have to wait for the swing bridge on the Port Isabel side to open and close to let the shrimp boats pass to get to school.
I remember or heard that bales would sometimes wash in from the gulf and be found on the beach. They called them 'Seaweed' and they weren't any good to smoke, supposedly, because they had been immersed in salt water. Some people did though and it was common to ask if someone had a bad cough, have you been smoking that Seaweed stuff?
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