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Originally Posted by EHanska View Post
Randy, I could not stop laughing at your first entry. You are something else, besides being a grand story teller. . I imagine you turned your mother's hair white too soon and had your father pulling his out!

Lessie typing
Ole man Ed doing yardwork
My mom never could figure out why i was not in jail,but i have never been there except as a cub scout.
We got a tour of the jail as a cub scout,maybe 2nd grade?

My dad and i got along fine,he used to hang out at my shop and just watch the daily going on stuff.
He never said much,if anything,just sat and watched the show.

My mom is a 3 day a week churcher,baptist.
Wow,she was sure praying for me i bet.
Maybe she still is?

I used to go hunting with my dad,once or so a year.
It was a good time to bond with him,he was a great hunter,when he died and my uncle Hubert died and their childhood friend died the deer population in Fl tripled.
Theres nobody left to control it,once they passed on.
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