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Most of the ones in the OKC area have put up height barriers that are supposed to keep out the larger vehicles. Unfortunately, there are still some that go in the back way and wind their way through the lot until they end up right out front! Of course, there are 2 RV parks right across the highway from one of the larger walmart, neither of which is that expensive!
If they are are in that situation then they make all of look bad. W ht get me is the ones that have to put slides out jacks down. If there are two parks across the street. Then the local economy is no stimulated . The owners more than likely have complained to the local government about lost income due the free parking across the street. Mcdonugh ,GA has a city ordinance that no big trucks are allowed to park in any parking. I found this out right after I got the bird, I need a jump start the guy road service sent out was one of the wreckers that would be cable of a tow if need. We were waiting for the batteries to charge some hetold "that another company almost towed him because he had stopped to get lunch. The other driver knew him an called him to see how long he was going to be he was inline to get his food to go.

The free parking for truckers/RV goes back to when Sam got Walmart started. His brother -in-law was a trucker and told Sam how hard it was to find a place late night to stop an rest for a few hours. Sam policy was that any trucker was welcome to crash for a few hours in any of his parking lots. This gesture was for safety instead of having drivers push too hard and have an accident His brother-law was started a trucking company. Sam gave him his first loads. His brother-in-law was J.B Hunt.
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