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The consciences I believe is that sitting for extended periods is pretty harmful to these machines. Always exceptions but you have already seen some evidence of this with air bags not airing up.

It's difficult to offer any specifics other then to say that having a knowledgeable owner of the type of BB you are looking for examine and evaluate any perspective purchase is probably you best bet.

As to your thoughts of buying something that doesn't need significant repairs and shop time that is probably not realistic. I believe most class A motor homes and BB's in particular require pretty much care and owner support. Most of us spend about as much time "working on" our coaches as we do traveling in them. (and again always exceptions). My coach was a real nice solid example of a 87 BB Pt 36 but I can't tell you how many countless hours I've invested in it. Most of my friends who have them have done the same.

Just being entirely up front. If you don't like to tinker or if you can't find the time then a BB is probably not the best option.

You don't buy them and drive them and forget them that's for sure.

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